Happy Friday everyone! So, a little confession; I have a memory that leaves a LOT to be desired. Enough so that I often need an assist when it comes to remembering the important stuff, leaving me reliant on a number of different things, both technical and non, to fill in the gaps. And of the apps, sticky notes, recorded reminders and alarms, the most effective of all, hands down, is my Lead Discovery Specialist Jessica. Seriously; I’d be lost at work without her input and assistance and if my boss ever figures out how much smarter she is than me, Jessica will be the one struggling to come up with an interesting enough topic to write a blog about. Wait, on second thought…

For those not lucky enough to have a deficit that can be overcome by an intelligent hiring choice however, things can be a bit trickier. In my clients I see the entire spectrum; from people who are far better spoken, more able and much smarter than me, to those who need help with all of their activities of daily living and are completely non-verbal (still far smarter than me too, but that’s beside the point.) One thing we try to determine when going through any process that will eventually lead to employment is what, if any, assistive devices or techniques are going to be the most effective in helping a given client to be successful in his or her job. While often a daunting task, it’s also fascinating to see all of the ways creative minds have come up with creative solutions to bridge the ability gap and how you or someone you love can lead a more productive life. 

Here are some links to websites that can help you discover what aids are out there and also how you can go about acquiring funding for the devices that might be able to make a difference for you!







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