Happy Friday!!!

One of the best things about this job that I love so much is the constant reminder of the ability to “do”, despite the challenges of life. Finding those ways to overcome; to achieve in the face of seemingly overwhelming obstacles. The number of clients I have had the privilege of serving who have been told they can’t do something because of their inability (real or perceived) is staggering. It’s also disheartening because I know that I have been guilty of the same thing, all in my own, sometimes misguided, attempt to look out for a person I care for and their best interest. As though I am the arbiter of all things right or wrong for a person. Nobody sets out to dash someone’s hopes and dreams, but how many people do you think have shied away from something they may have been great at because an influential person in their lives told them it wasn’t worth pursuing? Now that and multiply it by about a million for someone who is living with a disability. So many people, most of them with the best of intentions, telling someone they “can’t”. How could that NOT affect your outlook on life and one’s perception of themselves?? The most impressive thing about accomplishments made by a person with a disability isn’t always the accomplishment so much as it is all the people they proved wrong along the way. Sometimes we could all use a little reminder of our own prejudices and how much more we could all do to encourage those around us to follow their dreams and give it, whatever it is, a shot! Watch the video below and let Doctor Hawking show you haw it’s done.

And have a great weekend!