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I’ve had a few people contact me recently to inquire as to how they go about getting the Vocational Rehab process started for themselves so, I thought I’d go over the steps to answer a few of those questions and hopefully save you a little aggravation by doing so.

Your first step is remembering that this is an unfortunately overworked and occasionally understaffed government agency and that this process will require a bit of patience as you get the ball rolling. Once you’ve got that mindset, you’ll need to contact your local state Vocational Rehabilitation office to find out when that office’s orientations are. Most offices will have a set day/time for orientations so you will almost certainly be able to find a location that can fit your schedule. Once you’ve been through the orientation, you will set an appointment with a counselor to complete the application process to determine eligibility. (*This can take up to 60 days.) After your eligibility is determined, you and your counselor will discuss your job goals and determine what course of action would best suit your personal employment path. This may include several options, including working with a program like Hire NW to aide you in everything from Discovery (which I will be discussing a bit more fully in next week’s blog), where you will work directly with a specialist to explore a bit more in-depth, your skills as they relate to the jobs you might be interested in pursuing, to more direct job placement services like Job Development.

You can find your local office here;  http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/Offices/Pages/Vocational-Rehabilitation.aspx, along with additional frequently asked questions about VR.

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